About me!

I am an ex-DJ and a microbiologist with a Passion for cooking. My wife and I are on the cusp of starting our family and I thought it was as good a time as any to get my ass into better shape, if for nothing than my future kids sake. I started this blog to document my attempt to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor. While this will not be a "diet" blog, it will display recipes I find or make up in an attempt to eat a little better, but I assure you it will not be without a few indulgences.

You will notice my life as a DJ has not been completely left behind, I am as passionate about music as I am about cooking, and my taste can only be described as extremely eclectic. I have decided to name all of my blog posts with song lyrics (as long as it makes sense that is), as a quirky random way to tie all of my lives together.
Food and science come together for me in a wonderful amalgamation of awesome! I love to know how and why things work, and I hope to share some of that geekery here, while trying not to bore or preach, but to do so in a fun and interesting way.
So welcome to my blog, and thanks for stopping by! Please share it with anyone you think may be interested, and by all means please comment (good and bad, I can take criticism and it will only make me better) and ask questions. It is nice to know people are out there listening to my dribble and I look forward to the conversations I can have in the comments section. I hope you enjoy!

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